The UNEXPRESSED feelings

TODAY, I was engaged in a conversation with a friend of mine and suddenly I started feeling aggravated…… then I put a full stop to the conversation and sat aside thinking and analysing  the reason of a sudden mood swing.

After analyzing my state of mind, I came to know that there were thousands of feelings and thoughts which were bumping my head and the inability to express them cause the exasperation that I felt.

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Did you ever faced a continuous feeling of guilt in your mind?  a guilt which has no point, no end but it is born with an amazing fact of ‘NO REASON’. You just want to pull it out of your mind and throw it in a dark coffin but somehow you are not able to do it.

Here is one short poem that I left incomplete 2 weeks ago,  but as the feelings are back so my thoughts….

Somewhere in the darkness of my heart….I feel safe

somewhere in the clamour of the world….I feel silence

somewhere on the moving highways….I feel still

somewhere in the fields….I feel trapped

somewhere on the peak of mountain….I feel low

somewhere in my dreams….I feel scared

somewhere in the appreciation of people….I feel useless

somewhere in the happiness of a song….I feel pain

somewhere in the throng….I feel alone

somewhere standing in the most heavy rains….I feel dry

somewhere in the calmness of nature…I feel restless

somewhere in the beautiful moonlight….I feel ugly

somewhere in the spotlight….I feel vanished

somewhere in the lively environment….I feel tired

somewhere in my memories….I feel lost……



FEMINISM  whenever this word strikes in front of some people, a row of discernments take birth in their minds having a face of both hypocritic and illogical thoughts related to modernization. For instance, our country has moved so far in the field of development and still going on and on to conquer new aspects of this particular word.

But the question is that… does only materialistic and objective development is enough for our country?

OFCOURSE NOT!! The development will remain incomplete until and unless psychological development will not follow it in a parallel mode. Though the fact that not all people keep an orthodox thinking but still the figures are so high. Continue reading “OH!! SO FEMINISM?”

I had no CLUE

                                                                This is not a poem , just a story

I was sitting at the corner of my roof

Muddled, unbalanced, dejected

DEJECTED from something about which I had no clue

And REJECTED by my own self.

Yeah…I carry my pride, I stand tall

But sometimes I feel small.

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The Versatile Blogger Award

I am gratified to become a part of the nomination for THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD. Moreover, I am thankful to Mr. Ganesh who has nominated me for the respected award. He is a nice guy, a creative writer and an inspiring friend. Do check his blog

Here are a few steps for those who have been nominated for this Award.

Steps are as follows:-

  1. Thank the blogger who have nominated you and share his or her link.
  2. Nominate 10 or less than 10 other blogger friends for this award with their link.
  3. They must inform about it.

Everybody has some or other facts with them. So the last step is to present any 7 facts about themselves.

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Suffering from DEPRESSION…REALLY???

‘DEPRESSION’, basically a state of mind in which a person fails to visualize the positive aspects of life and becomes a pessimist.

From past few years, I am astounded to see the drastically increasing ratios of YOUTH DEPRESSION which is continuously resulting in vast numbers of suicidal attempts. now the question is what are the reason for this huge step??

It is the misconceptions of youth about life. yeah, this is true that all of us have our personal life and to be honest it constitutes a major part of our love life, carrier and burden of studies, back to back failures in getting the opportunities, family issues and a lot more. Continue reading “Suffering from DEPRESSION…REALLY???”


THIS IS THE STORY OF A GIRL….A GIRL, holding her ambitions in her eyes walked out of her building to show the world her dreams, her passion, her strength, her capabilities.




                                                SHE WAS FEARLESS                                         

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The SINKING ship

She was lying on her bed…yes ON HER BED because she was getting used to of it just day by day. The starting days were difficult to pass specially when one doesn’t know about what’s happening . But as the days passed, the environment started to become familiar for her as she was also getting an idea about the happenings that took place from last few weeks. There was everything in her room that she loved , her little polar bear  without whom she would probably feel insomnia, her ipod with her favorite jams, Continue reading “The SINKING ship”

The power of HOPE

‘HOPE’, the word which gives strength when one is loosing it’s ground ,the ray of optimism in the most pessimism situation , the reason to get up and experience life again , the power of mind and soul.

When arduous situations forces you to fall down , when you get startled and  feel that the  night will gulp you, when you feel that all the doors are shut down for you then ALWAYS REMEMBER , there is no situation which has no solution , there is always a sunny day waiting for you after a dark horrifying night to embrace you with it’s glory and there is always a door which is open for you, called the DOOR OF HOPE. Continue reading “The power of HOPE”

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